Could your Disease or Illness be Caused by Exacerbated with or 

Accelerated Due to Exposure from Mold  & Mycotoxin. 

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Mold Assessment & Testing


 Is The Property Contaminated? is the Contamination producing Mycotoxin? Is It Affecting The Health and Wellness of it's Residents, Workers etc. Contact the MoldHelpCenter.Com for A FREE Indoor Environmental Assessment by A Licensed and Certified MOLD Professional.

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Mold Remediation & Verification


of Contamination and Mycotoxin. Removing the Affected Materials, Contaminants and Substrates through traditional Mold Remediation. Once removed, The presence of Mold and Mycotoxin must be Verified through PRV Post Remediation Verification and EMMA Environmental Testing. 

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Your Treatment & Wellness


Once the Mold and Mycotoxin is Removed from Your Home or Property and This is Verified, The Results of Your Personal EMMA Test is Shared With A/Your Health-Care Provider to Develop a Unique and Individual Treatment Plan that focuses on the Removal of  MOLD and Mycotoxin.

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Environmental Mold & Mycotoxin Assessment

What Are Mycotoxins?

The World Health Organization (WHO) in A Publication Titled  Mycotoxins "Children's Health and The Environment" defines Mycotoxins as Follows-

Toxin- A Naturally Produced Poison-

Mycotoxin-  Natural by-products produced by fungi (i.e.mold) that evoke a toxic response when introduced in low concentrations to Vertebrates (e.g. humans), by a natural route.

Mycotoxins are produced by a number of different toxin producing fungi found in water damaged indoor environments. Their impact can be life-threatening.


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Let Us Help You

If You SEE, SMELL or SUSPECT Your HOME or Residence has MOLD-

If  You Were Recently Notified You, Your Family or Those You Care For are LIVING or WORKING with MOLD-

If You or Those you Care For Have an Affliction, Disease or Illness that Could be Exacerbated by Mold or Mycotoxin-

If You or Those You Care For are Elderly, are Children or suffer From Asthma, Allergies or Are Immunol-Compromised-

If You Do NOT Feel Well, or Feel Sick or Un-Healthy when Your At HOME or Work and Feel Better When Your Not-

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Get Tested TODAY!

EMMA Testing Is Now Available for YOU and Your PROPERTY. 

Schedule a MOLD Inspection and Testing to Determine if EMMA Testing can HELP-

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EMMA Testing information

Final for EMMA Enviro-patient-1-1-2018 (pdf)


MHC Elephant at EMMA Site (pdf)


Symptom Checker (pdf)


What are Mycotoxins (pdf)


MHC Mold Exposure (pdf)


EMMA Technical Brief 10-23-17 (pdf)


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Schedule MOLD Assessment


  •  If you Recently Purchased a Property, Believe Your Property is Contaminated or Are Considering a Purchase. If You Do NOT Feel Well, or Feel Sick or Un-Healthy when Your At HOME or Work and Feel Better When Your Not- Contact the MoldHelpCenter to Schedule an FREE Mold Assessment & Testing Today.


EMMA Testing Property


  • Realtors/ Home Inspectors, Attorneys, Medical Professionals, Mold Professionals EMMA Testing Can HELP you Provide your Clients, Customers and Patients Important Environmental Information for  Property Evaluation, Determining Reparations & Damages and Assisting in Valuations and Safety.

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EMMA Testing Clinical


  • Physicians, Learn More About EMMA Testing. Is This Property Affecting My Patient. Is The MOLD or Mycotoxin Making Symptoms Worse. Is My Diagnosis Being Affected by The Environmental Conditions. Is MOLD or Mycotoxin Accelerating  Their Illness. Contact MoldHelpCenter.                                  


Questions For Your DOCTOR


  • Could your Symptoms Be Caused by Mold & Mycotoxin? Could your Disease or Illness be Exacerbated by or Accelerated by Your Property.Tell your Doctor about EMMA Testing for Your Body TODAY. Determine Whether Environmental Conditions could Be Affecting your Diagnosis and Treatment. Access EMMA Testing Information, Materials and Medical Markers for Your Doctor and Get Tested.

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MOLD Professionals


  1. The MHC MoldHelpCenter Seeks Assistance in Providing Home & Property Owners, Physicians and Legal Professionals Access to Property & Clinical EMMA Testing as Part of PRV Post Remediation Verification and Evaluation. Mold Remediation & PRV Post Remediation Verification Opportunities are Available at The MHC MoldHelpCenter. If you Would Like To Participate Contact The MHC.

MHC MoldHelpCenter.com

HVAC Professionals


  • HVAC Professionals, MoldHelpCenter MHC Seeks HVAC Professionals for HVAC Cleaning and EMMA Testing as Part of Mold Assessment, Remediation and PRV Post Remediation Verification. If You Would Like To Participate in Your Area or Have A Customer who You Feel Might Require Mold Assessment & Testing  Contact MOLDHELPCENTER.com for Additional Information and  Opportunities.

MHC MoldHelpCenter

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DAT States: AK, AR, AZ, DE, IN, IA, KS, LA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, SD, UT, VT, WA, WV, WI, TX, VA, District of Columbia.

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